The Process


Here I share my methods, tools, techniques and the process of creating.

paintin bear

These ceramic tile magnets are so fun to do. I lay them out and add droplets of alcohol ink to each piece and manipulate the way the ink swirls with a small brush. Challenging but fun to see what takes shape. A tree or other detail with acrylic paint after everything dries adds the perfect touch.


I sometimes make my own alcohol ink using concentrated inks in rubbing alcohol. I can change the hues and tones of the homemade ink, depending how much concentration I add. The possibilities of shades and effects are endless!

Here I'm working on ceramic tile (approx 10x16") and using alcohol inks. I love ravens, I've always been facinated by their brilliance and adaptability while being soulful, spiritual creatures. The tile is prepped by wiping rubbing alcohol all over the tile, then I sketch my outline with a paint brush dipped in my homemade ink. Once the form takes shape, I begin filling in the form by dropping ink droplets. The flow of the ink is controlled by my brush, and I manipulate where it will go. This is where the challenge lies! If it doesn't work, I can wipe the tile clean with more rubbing alcohol. Other times, the tile tells me what it wants to be, and I must listen. Those are my favorite pieces to paint :)

raven pro2
raven pro3
raven pro
raven finish
raven pro finish