July 2021-Summer breezing

How did we get into July already? The last thing I remember was the snow melting and bam, we're knee-deep into summer! Alaskans try to squeeze every piece of sun, fishing and light out of the few months we have before winter comes back. It's said Alaskans seldom see each other until winter and there's some truth in's time to hike, roam the mountains, take in the sights and get lost for awhile.

Thankfully I've gotten to see many friendly faces at the local events and they always warm my heart and remind me that my art is not only understood but appreciated. As my classes are back in swing once a month, they also bring so many smiles as we create together. It's been so isolating being apart this past year and a half. I'm SO grateful for the orders that have kept me afloat, especially during some of the hardest times of my career as an artist.

I've also seen my wholesale orders take off this year in a huge way! As we open the state back up to travelers and get shops open again, many have put their orders in for my work and sell out almost immediately. Its always an amazing feeling sending off a large order and hearing it sold the week it went out. This reaffirms that people are excited to see unique artwork and ready for something meaningful and exciting. It's always my hopes I keep creating work that surprises myself and others, tells a story and helps see the world in a different way.

It's also been a creative summer with many new pieces out in the last few weeks. When inspiration hits me, it pours! I notice I rarely come out with one painting, they usually come to me in spurts of several in a row. When I feel the need to create, I rarely question the theme, I just follow my intuition and what the inks tell me to do.

Speaking of time flying, we're a few months from winter but those gift ideas can pile up! Message me with your commissions, as the sooner the better!. I have many events planned and scheduled, so make sure to get your special paintings ordered so they will get to you in plenty of time.

Lots of warm hugs, friends, and know how much I'm grateful for you. Hugs, Deb

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