Meet the artist.


Born in the small town of Fairbanks, Alaska, I remember as a small child living in our tiny cabin, exploring the wilderness, picking berries in tall, lush bushes, seeing moose and other critters wander through the yard while living off the land. Relocating to the island of Kauai, Hawaii for 8 years with my parents, I was immersed in a very different world but still surrounded by dynamic landscapes- color, lines and form all influenced by nature. Whether it was playing in the waves or playing hide and seek through the vines of a tropical background, my palette of bold and bright colors abstractly playing against various textures became a passion of mine.


I have always sought out various ways to pursue a unique perspective- whether it was encorporating fibers and fabrics to a piece, or using ink, oils or acrylics on canvas and ceramic tiles, my goals were and still are to continually challenge my viewpoints and represent a creative, unique look at the world. I connect with alcohol inks on a level I've never experienced with any other medium- it challenges me, excites me, and teaches me something new with each painting. Many say my work feels as if it's moving, constantly in motion and asking them to come in and interact with the piece. I encourage you to study each piece of my work and see what it says to you on a personal level.


Take a look at my story unfolding. Experience it with me. Life is but a journey and this one will be the most colorful one yet.     ~Deb Lestenkof



All right reserved. Original artwork by Deb Lestenkof ©2015